Opportunity to engage in healthy Esports

True North Esports offers students an opportunity to engage in healthy Esports competition, surrounded by peers, and supervised by teachers. Through organized Esports competition, students will learn how to game responsibly and learn skills that will help them with their future career paths.


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Game Responsibly & Future Career Paths

The Government of Canada and STEM
Canada has emerged as a world leader in many science, technology, engineering and math fields, and many new jobs and career opportunities that have emerged in recent years are STEM-related. As more and more businesses and organizations seek to innovate and to modernize and grow their businesses, the demand for people who can fill STEM-related jobs will only continue to increase. We need to ensure that our workforce can meet the challenges of the future.

True North Esports and STEM
Growth in careers related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) have consistently outpaced growth in other sectors. To compete in the digital economy, businesses will continue to seek the leadership of candidates with STEM expertise.

  • Universities now offer Esports programs and scholarships. This has created a new and exciting track towards post-secondary education.
  • The world is digital and effective online communication is critical. Gaming helps students learn effective team and communications strategies.
  • Full STEM curriculum provides student athletes with opportunities to develop in-demand skills and prepares them for post-secondary and beyond.

Esports helps students deepen their levels of interaction and communicate more effectively, fostering a key component of leadership development.

Social and Emotional Benefits
  • Playing with purpose! Our program offers student athletes the opportunity to compete in Esports with the purpose of building school pride, developing leadership qualities and fostering strong self-esteem.
  • Participating in team activities promotes a sense of community and responsibility.
  • Mindfulness, Interpersonal Relationships, Distress Tolerance and Emotional Regulation are four key components of our Responsible Gaming program.



Social and Emotional

The Government of Canada and STEM

True North Esports and STEM

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Developing deeper connections in their relationships

Electronic games are changing society as a function of entertainment, social connection, and relief, improving the quality of life for millions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Experts recognize that some people play video games to such an extent that it can negatively interfere with their lives. At the same time, those experts agree that the ultimate goal may not be to stop gaming and rather keep an organized and supervised gaming schedule compatible with life responsibilities.

Esports offers students an opportunity to develop and hone skills commensurate with academic achievement and social success; components that are essential to a positive life experience. Esports are played online, from school, at a campus or from home. Regardless of location, the students are supervised by a coach and are immersed in a totally inclusive environment that promotes collaboration, communication and critical thinking.

In times of tremendous and rapid technological changes, we envision a meaningful and well-balanced lifestyle for our children, where they strive to develop deeper connections in their relationships.

— For Parents

Opportunity to meaningfully connect with peers

As parents we worry about how much time our children are spending online gaming, and alone in our homes. We want our children to decrease their screen time and engage in more personal and deeper relationships. Some children thrive in their on-line communities, and as parents we struggle to find the appropriate balance for their “real world” and their gaming community.

True North Esports provides a platform that allows our children to do what they love, yet in a structured environment. We provide an opportunity for our children to join a team and to learn from others, while making personal connections with their teammates and coaches.

Like all extra-curricular activities for our children, the fundamentals of play-life balance is an essential component and skill that we provide.

True North Esports facilitates the opportunity for our children to build an identity with their school and to meaningfully connect them with their peers.

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Generation Esports (GenE) is the platform on which scholastic esports finds a home, GenE operates scholastic leagues, collegiate leagues, and adult and specialty leagues around the world.

We put student athletes first in all our partnerships by focusing on how we can create opportunities for students to find and receive college and career access.

Generation Esports is the largest centralized platform in North America used to offer competitive scholastic esports.